Samsung Galaxy S 4G Not Charging Problem Solution

This is a hardware solution for Samsung Galaxy S 4G with a not charging problem. If the device suffered water damaged and result to such not charging problem, the solution below shows which certain components needs to be check to solved a not charging problem on the device..

droidangel samsung galaxy s 4g not charging problem repair guide picture
Hints on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S 4G Not Charging Problem;
1. If the device suffered water damaged, clean the PCB board first of your Samsung Galaxy S 4G.
2. Clean or resolder the USB charging pin connector.
3. Check if there is a USB charge voltage on USB connector pin 1.
4. Try to used another working battery charger if there is no voltage reading. Replace the USB connector if the voltage is still missing.
4. Check if there is VBUS charge input voltage at the capacitor.
5. If the voltage reading is missing or too low, rework replace the charging control IC.
6. If the voltage reading is okay, rework the power management IC, just replace if necessary. Edit

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