Samsung Galaxy S I9000 Not Charging Problem Solution

Here's a solution for not charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 also known as Samsung I9008 Galaxy S for Chinese market, with Android OS, v2.1 (Eclair), upgradable to v2.3.  This solution may help as a guide for repair if the device suffered  water or liquid damaged and result to not charging or doesn't show charging indications if the battery wall charger is plug-in or inserted. This may not help and cannot be used for firmware related issues, so check and try to restore back or upgrade your device firmware if you have firmware problems, such as custom roms etc.

The picture below shows some components of the Samsung I900 Galaxy S, it points a test spots where to start a check up or troubleshooting procedures. It also show us which and what components needs to check first.

Galaxy S I9000 Not Charging Problem Solution
Samsung  Galaxy S I9000 Not Charging Problem Solution

Here's some hints on how to fix the Samsung  I9000 Galaxy S  Not Charging Problem:
1.  Ensure that the battery charger you are using is properly working or try to use another one.
2.  Visually check the USB pin connector for possible damaged. Clean it if oxidized, re-solder, or replace it if necessary. You can read the VBUS charge voltage at the pin #1 if the USB connector is okay.
3. Check or read the VBUS Charge IN voltage this is the output from the VBUS charger control IC.
4. Re-heat, rework the VBUS IC if the 5V is missing. Replace if necessary.
5. The power management IC will be the next option to re-work at if the procedures above doesn't solved the problem. Edit


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