Samsung Galaxy S I9000 LCD Screen Display Problem Solution - Hardware

This solution covers for hardware level of repair for  Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with  LCD screen display problem. This solution may help for a water or wet damaged and accidentally, heavily dropped device that result to display problem. If you already  tried replacing the LCD screen module and done with software calibration or firmware flashing method but the problem continues.

The solution above shows a brief explanation on which part or components needs to check for hardware troubleshooting. The rated voltages pointed on the pins of the connector are the LCD's supply voltage which needs the LCD to work. The Display filter IC's also cause the display goes abnormal if become faulty or damaged. Edit


i like it :) thnx johnny

my Galaxy S have an OLED scree (not LCD), does it have the same components and voltages in the motherboard ? plz help Delete Reply

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